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The great success of Supercell, Clash Royale, and has revolutionized the mobile gaming market. It has been in the number one of the lists, even above his other popular games such as Clash of Clans. However, the next update will receive Clash Royale will make it even better and even more competitive. One of the new features is the addition of tournaments, and here I will explain what they are and how they work exactly, with the information at our disposal. Last week the company launched an image confirming that these tournaments come soon. It seems to have a page dedicated to join these tournaments and to test their skills with more chests and the chance to win gold and troops. Gradually, as we approach the new upgrade, get more details.

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This update will add many more, but the big news is undoubtedly tournaments , like the wars of clans Clash of Clans . The company has already shared some details about luck through two innings in his blog. It seems that players can enter tournaments from the tab, within the game itself and about flutters is the TV Royale . Supercell and some partners of YouTube also rebroadcast some of these tournaments.

How will these tournaments?

Tournaments will be unblocked at a certain level, it is likely to be about 8 or 10 level for players . Thus they ensure that those who participate have the cards and appropriate skills. Even so users will encourage users to move, not only to reach the legendary arena.

Once unlocked, players can enter tournaments without leaving his clan . You may be made ​​online or locally in person , with a network closed in tournaments. Therefore, they can give big tournaments like those seen in other games. We also have a closed system of matchmaking , rather than have a leader or guest who choose against whom to fight.


Supercell shared network details about the cost, entry and rewards. The tournaments Clash Royale hack will be free, but creating them will cost gems. The cost of creation becomes the prize, so players can earn as little as 5 or 10 gems, or much bigger prizes.Not only that, also chests with gold and additional cards will be received, and perhaps even some legendary card.

They have ensured that almost all players will win some kind of chest in the tournament, while the former will get much bigger and juicier chests. These chests will first be unlocked, like the rest of the game boxes and can only be opened one at a time.

Week tournament

Supercell and some YouTube players organized a week of tournaments that will start next July 4 , so the update will arrive before that date. From that Monday until July 9, will be the first tournament live; and of course anyone can organize your own tournament games, so it seems.

These specific tournaments last between 2 to 3 hours , but smaller - scale tournaments of the game likely to be much shorter. With this, we can only hope to finally arrives awaited update , which should be here throughout this week.




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